Car polishing


Car polishing is divided into several stages. Here, the range of services is very wide, from grinding to basic refresh. Before polishing, we clean the car thoroughly and decontaminate the varnish. This is followed by an inspection and measurement of the varnish. In the polishing process itself, we use special spot lighting, which shows us all the flaws in the varnish. The polishing process removes defects and irregularities in the paint and restores the car's shine. We also repair "orange peel" paint. Damage to the varnish can only be slight micro-scratches, holograms, deeper scratches and the like. We use only the best "machines" of the German brand FLEX to repair the varnish.

We offer:

  • single-stage polishing
  • two-stage polishing
  • three-stage polishing
  • multistage grinding
  • polishing scratches, bird droppings stains, resin stains

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