Ceramic coating


Ceramic coating is the best protection for your car in terms of price and appearance, as it protects the car and provides 100% UV protection, simplifies maintenance, creates a strong "self cleaning" effect, fading, insects, bird droppings and tar are just a thing of the past. Ceramic coating can be applied to car paint, unpainted plastics, glass surfaces, rims, tracks, brake shoes, leather parts and canvas roof. Ceramic coatings are different from each other, we use only the best. We are certified for various world leading manufacturers such as Gyeon, N-XTC, IGL, CarPRO, Gtechnic and Modesta. Coatings are applied in several layers, in between they are dried under IR heaters. Surfaces that are protected with a coating become resistant to external factors, the paint acquires depth, the surfaces are hydrophobic (excellent water drainage), which means that dirt adheres less to them and adds a self-cleaning effect. We are the only ones who provide a guarantee for the work performed. Lastly, we make sure you get all the necessary instructions, guidelines or even a detailing package for your car.

We offer:

  • ceramic coating of the whole car
  • written guarantee on our work and durability of protection from 2 to 7 years
  • coating from six different manufacturers
  • consultation and selection of the optimal package for your car

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