Deep cleaning


Deep cleaning includes cleaning the entire interior of the car, including the seats and the floor coverings. This requires a professional approach and certain knowledge, special machines, cleaning agents and expertise. We recommend it at least once a year, and several times a year with a larger number of kilometres driven. To begin with, the car inside is first vacuumed, followed by ozone therapy to neutralize the odour. When the car is ventilated, it is inspected for stains and spot removal. We continue to deeply clean the seats, wallpaper, doormats, ceiling, floor and all plastic surfaces. Thus, the car is completely cleaned and disinfected. We do not use aggressive cleaners, which could potentially damage the surfaces in the car.

Deep cleaning of the car removes dirt and restores the appearance of the surface, completely removes dust mites and fine dust, we refresh colours, and the high suction power of our vacuum cleaners leaves the surface almost completely dry and also removes most of the dirt all the way to the core. The complexity of deep cleaning is adjusted according to the complexity of stains and materials. In all this, we use only enzymatic shampoos and cleansers.

We offer:

  • classic deep cleaning by using the wet process with enzyme shampoos
  • stain removal
  • removal of traces of cigarette smoke and possible unpleasant odours

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