By using the correct procedure of disinfection of the air conditioner we remove bacteria from the ventilation ducts and the device itself. The process destroys all bacteria and mold and cleans all ducts and the entire air conditioning system.

With a specialized machine for disinfecting the device we make sure that a sufficient amount of disinfectant goes through the entire air conditioner and introduces a fresh and pleasant smell into your car.

Along with air conditioning disinfection we also perform ozone cleaning which is suitable for removing all unpleasant odours including the smell of cigarette smoke and the smell that remains after spilled milk or oil.

Not to mention only serious problems, ozone therapy is also suitable for refreshment as it restores the new textile and leather smell. We are one of the first companies in Slovenia that offers ozone therapy together with deep cleaning.

We offer:

  • air conditioning disinfection
  • removal of foreign odours with ozone

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