Light restoration


We recommend light restoration for all headlights that become yellowish, opaque or even cracked after prolonged use. The discoloration or opacity of the plastic may be due to exposure to the weather, road dirt or improper maintenance. Yellow colour and cracks in the plastic can also be caused by the sun’s UV rays damaging the paintwork and drying out the headlight plastic. Over time, dirt, pebbles, sand and dust accumulate in the cracks, leading to additional mechanical destruction of the headlights. We restore the headlights for another 10 years. First we remove old varnish from the surface of lights and any irregularities from the plastic, followed by repeated varnishing in the paint shop and sanding the surface. In the end, the headlights look like new.

We offer:

  • headlight restoration
  • improved visibility of the car on the road

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